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The NEI Army Aviation Corps in Australia and British India February 1942 - May 1943

A collection of research papers by dr. P.C. Boer

 Omslag verzamelboek

A grand total of around 500 ML/KNIL personnel were available in Australia, British India and the U.S.A. after the allied capitulation at Java on 8 March 1942, growing to around 600 by late May. In a timely manner were the D.Vl.A. (transport squadron) and the Flying and Observer Schools evacuated to Australia , while temporarily posted in Australia and British India were two ferry detachments busy taking over new NAA B-25C bombers. The two schools moved to the U.S.A. while the remaining personnel were consolidated into No 18 Squadron N.E.I. in Australia in April 1942. Besides manpower, a sizable number of aircraft, 104 in total including 16 medium and light transport aircraft, 39 fighters and 27 bombers, arrived or were accepted by the ML/KNIL in Australia and British India. Another 11 transport aircraft had been operated by the evacuated KNILM airline company. Apart from five B-25Cs and one crashed KNILM transport, all were transferred, sold or loaned to the USAAF and the RAF. The stories of the D.Vl.A., the ferry detachments, the escaped, refugee and stranded aircraft and No 18 Squadron N.E.I. in the period of February 1942-May 1943 are told in the four papers collected in this book.

A collection of research papers by dr. P.C. Boer:

- The Depot Squadron of the KNIL Army
- Early B-25s ML - KNIL
- Refugee aircraft of the NEI Army Aviation Corps in Australia and
  British India
- No 18 Squadron NEI RAAF - the first difficult year

Paperback, 328 pagina's, 220 foto's op goede kwalitit papier.

ISBN 9789491993190. Prijs €49,95

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